Document Drying & Restoration

Books, documents, papers, archives, x rays and other historical document drying

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Process for Restoring Water Damaged Documents

  1. Mitigate damage and avoid further damage
  2. Document inventory: This includes a inventory with corresponding images and details of contents
  3. Pack out of documents
  4. Transport and storage of documents: documents will be moved into our truck and carefully transported to our facility
  5. Refrigeration of water damaged documents: We will transport the documents into an industrial freezer to inhibit future mould growth and further damage.
  6. Drying of documents: There are many methods that can be used. We have a specially made desiccant air drying chamber at our facility. We will carefully separate the documents and place them in our chamber where they will be dried. As an additional option, we can also transport your items to a freeze drying facility located in Brisbane.
  7. Moisture testing documents: We will test the documents with a moisture meter to ensure they are dry.
  8. Cleaning and restoration of the documents – After the documents are dried, we will carefully clean your documents. If more cost effective and viable, we can scan and digitize your documents instead.
  9. Transport back and reinstate documents – We will ensure the integrity of your catalogue and we will reinstate the documents back to its original location

New Life Restorations have restored large collections of documents and historical records in the past from governments, commercial and residential home owners.