Large Loss Catastrophe Restoration

New Life Restorations is a leader in large loss and commercial property restoration in the SEQ area. We can restore any property small or large from disasters such as water damage, flood, storm, cyclone and fire damage. 

  • We have 4 large loss trucks available fully equipped with materials and equipment to handle any fire and flood damaged property in Australia
  • 12 years experience in large loss
  • 24/7 Response

Large Loss Restoration Services

Responding to a large loss requires

  • Training
  • Preparation
  • Systematisation

Trust New Life Restorations to handle your large loss. We work with all types of clients including:

  • Schools, Churches, Day Cares, Food Production Facilities
  • Retirement Villages, Apartment Complexes
  • Hospitals and Health Care

Large Water Damaged Property Restoration in Brisbane

Cleaning and Restoring Fire damage from Ceilings in Commercial warehouse in Brisbane

3 New Life Restorations large loss catastrophe teams dispatched to NSW Floods 2012