Hospital Post Construction Cleaning

New Life are specialists in post construction cleaning of hospitals. After construction there are many airborne contaminants which can rest on surfaces which can introduce risk into a hospital environment.

Our Recent Hospital Projects

  • Sunshine Coast Hospital – Over 16 clean rooms including theatres, labs and pharmacy and halls
  • Logan Hospital – Cleaning of several rooms after renovation

Hospital Post Construction Services

  • Training and Consultation – We can provide training and consultation to clean room teams involved in post construction clean up services
  • Project Management – Management of teams to ensure all teams are trained and coordinated to restore your medical facility.
  • Hepa Filter Air Scrubber HireAirborne contamination management is a critical part of a controlled post construction clean up. There are over 30 HEPA units available for hire. Call us now for rate
  • ATP Tester HirePost construction hospital cleanup should include testing to ensure areas have been restored. Call us today for rates.

It is important to use the correct process to control and clean contamination in a hospital environment. Our process includes:

  • HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter) – Before during and after cleaning we will install a HEPA filter to control air borne contamination. They can filter as small as 0.3 microns
  • Cleaning – we will formulate a process based on relevant standards. We will determine what is an acceptable level of clean, how it is measured, what are the cleaning actions and what cleaning materials to use

Cleaning Process

Supplies we use

Antimicrobials, specialise non-lint producing mops, clean room wipers. Our staff use clean room cleaning garments to prevent possibility of cross contamination.

How we Measure Success in Hospital Construction Cleaning

Throughout the clean room cleaning process, we will be constantly using ATP (adenosine triphosphate test) which will give us an instant success result to the area.

How to Get Started

Please call us now to discuss how to start the post construction cleaning