Cold Room Cleaning, Hygiene & Remediation

Our remediation methods will reduce energy consumption and increase asset operating efficiency and ensure your equipment is not damaged over time.

What we do

  • Surface decontamination
  • Remediation
  • Surface protection
  • Remediation of active mould growth
  • Use of elevated high work platforms
  • End of Commercial lease cold room cleaning
  • Cleaning of coils, fans, floors, ceilings, walls.
  • Drain line protection
  • System remediation
  • Cold room surface protection
  • Testing by electrician

We also work with people who have mould or biological contamination in the cool room and need it remediated and clearance tested to standard.


New Life team decontaminating a cold room with biological contamination in a Brisbane hospital.

Cold Room Protection

We can use an antimicrobial solutions to provide protection from microbial growth.


Cleaning of cool room compressor

Cleaning and decontaminating floor of cool room in Brisbane