Air Conditioning Mould Removal

Mould can be spread throughout your property in your air conditioning unit. This is why you need a professional to clean your air conditioner properly.

  • Increase efficiency and save money
  • Breath easy again and help avoid sickness by removing mould
  • We specialise in large properties with several air conditioners.
  • However, we also do a lot of domestic work for home owners around South East QLD

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What do we do?

We are mould specialists who completely clean air conditioners from mould.

If your primary concern is health and you are concerned about the mould or other contaminants in your conditioner – we are the people to call

Before & After Pictures

Unfortunately just spraying a magic solution on top of the mould will not solve the problem. The air-con unit must be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed to remove the mould. Watch how we do this below:

How we remove mould from your Air Conditioner

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